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Operational Intelligence

The future is now with NRTC's Operational Intelligence!

Your operation generates A LOT of data from various sources and keeping tabs on all of it can be a difficult and confusing task. More importantly it can be challenging to make sense of all the data to make timely, well-informed decisions. Data is coming in from different tools, technologies and systems, and accessed by various departments within your business. The new Operational Intelligence platform helps broadband providers collect, correlate and analyze your various sources of data. In turn it helps turn your data into meaningful, actionable information that you can use to run your company more effectively while adding automation to improve the customer experience!

Improve your ability to not only identify issues, but be able to anticipate challenges and address them before they can occur. Learn how to maximize your data and use it as a tool run your business more efficiently and effectively. The future is NOW and the possibilities are endless with NRTC’s Operational Intelligence!

Operational Intelligence - Putting Your Data to Work for You!

Watch the launch webinar from the NRTC Genesis team and Member guests Velocity and Vibrant Broadband for information on how Operational Intelligence can help your broadband or electric cooperative!

Platform Screens

Below is a sampling of images from the Operational Intelligence platform. This is not a comprehensive list of modules.

Questions About Operational Intelligence?